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Dead Trigger (Unlimited Money)

Dead Trigger  (Unlimited Money)
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Dead Trigger mod apk (Unlimited Money) is the most incredible mayhem (the best zombie arcade game ever). Because of the viral wave explosion, the world economy has collapsed. Money no longer has its former value. Mankind has launched a general revolt against the businessmen and government officials who are only doing their best to line their pockets.

Nevertheless, those who run this world were prepared for a terrible virus – they just hid. Then, suddenly, most of the population of planet Earth died from an unknown virus, turning into bloodthirsty corpses who, for the moment, are driven by only one desire: to eat!

According to the storyline, only a few people remained among the survivors, found weapons, and learned how to fight these dangerous creatures. And you are among those lucky ones.

Features Dead Trigger apk mod:

  • Beautiful graphics with unprecedented special effects;
  • Animation worked out to the smallest detail;
  • Intuitive operation;
  • An extensive choice of weapons;
  • A full elaboration of 3D characters and space with the highest level of drawing;
  • Smooth animation that was created with motion capture;
  • More than four dozen hours of gameplay.

In this world, the government no longer has the levers of government, and there is no one else to lead in the current situation. The existence of the developed world came to its logical conclusion in 2012. Currencies have lost their former power, as the global economy has remained in the distant past. A terrible virus began to spread across our planet, taking almost half of the world’s population. Those who were not immediately killed by the infection began to turn into the living dead. In a few weeks, the vast metropolises were deserted. Their main residents were the walking dead.

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But there were still living people, these lucky men put together squads, and now they are trying to revive the former society. Your hero will have to take the place of one of the leaders of the resistance and engage in a battle with an unkillable contagion. But the main advantage of the application is a mind-blowing storyline and detailed graphics. The gameplay of Dead Trigger also won’t let you be bored because the hordes of dead, running to you from the shelters and any buildings around, are incredibly detailed. Also, any obstacle can affect their behavior.

Great news!
We have just released new technical update 2.0.4 full of improvements and bug fixes.
Dead Trigger  (Unlimited Money)
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